A Lethargian from the film.

Lethargarians are a race of irresponsible, lazy and slimy little creatures that have the ability to divide and multiply themselves. They live deep in the Doldrums, a terrible swamp of laziness and dread. They sit around sleeping every full day and  they  have a law which includes no thinking or laughing allowed and smiling only permitted on alternate Thursdays. This law is called Local Ordinance 175389-J and Local Ordinance 574381-W. They also have a law against





They also beleive that thinking, reasoning, meditating, presuming and spectulating are unethical.

Lethargarians' ScheduleEdit

8 AM: eat

8 through 9:feat

9 through 9:30: dream

9:30 through 10:30: Dawdle and Delay

10:30 through 11:30: Take late early morning nap

11:30 through 12: Bide time and then eat lunch

1 PM to 2 PM: Linger and Loiter

2 through 2:30: Take early afternoon nap

2:30 to 3:30: Put off for tomorrow of what could've been done today

3:30 to 4: Take Early Late Afternoon nap

4 to 5: Loaf and Lounge until dly Evening Nap

8 to 9: Waste Time

9: Go to Sleep





Milo reading the rule book with the Lethargarians.

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