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Milo reading the rule book with the Lethargians.
MrwhomanAdded by Mrwhoman

Lethargians are unresponsibly lazy and slimy dividing creatures that live in the Doldrums. They sit around sleeping every full day and to vistors, they pretend to have a law which includes no thinking or laughing allowed and smiling only permitted on alternate Thursdays.

Lethargians' ScheduleEdit

8 AM: Wake Up

8 through 9: Daydream

9 through 9:30: Take early midmorning nap

9:30 through 10:30: Dawdle and Delay

10:30 through 11:30: Take late early morning nap

11:30 through 12: Bide time and then eat lunch

1 PM to 2 PM: Linger and Loiter

2 through 2:30: Take early afternoon nap

2:30 to 3:30: Put off for tomorrow of what could've been done today

3:30 to 4: Take Early Late Afternoon nap

4 to 5: Loaf and Lounge until dinner

6 to 7: Dillydally

7 to 8: Take Early Evening Nap

8 to 9: Waste Time

9: Go to Sleep

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