The Ever-present Word Snatcher is a bird who lives in The Mountains of Ignorance.

Appearance Edit

The Ever-present Word Snatcher is a flying bird with long spindly legs, beady eyes, a long beak, and grey, untidy feathers.

Personality Edit

He is spiteful, as evidenced by the fact that he wants to be a demon. However, he is not evil enough to actually be a demon, so he can only be a nuisance. He doesn't have a job like the other demons, however, he has a hobby of eating peoples' words and replying in an out-of-context sentence with a homophone or alternate meaning of the words said. (e.g. sense vs cents or spending the night vs spending money). He was originally from a place called Context, but doesn't like the place (likely because everything there makes sense and he doesn't like to), so he spends most time out of it.

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