Beyond Expectations is the second chapter of The Phantom Tollbooth.  



After passing through the tollbooth, Milo finds him in an unfamiliar place, known as Expectations. He reads a sign that says "Please Stop here and honk". He honks his car, and immediatly, the Whether Man runs out saying the same thing over and over again. He gives directions to Dictionopolis, and Milo goes off. After a while of driving, Milo is caught unfocused and takes a wrong turn, to The Doldrums. His car goes slower and slower and slower, until it stops at once

Milo wakes up, finding himself surrounded by Lethargians. They tell him that he can do anything, as long as it's nothing.Also it is not allowed to think which Milo finds unusual, and later a watchdog named Tock barks loudly, warning Milo not to fall for it. Milo eventually breaks, and they are off out of the Doldrums.

Chapter GuideEdit

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