The Awful Dynne is Dr. Kakophonus Asloudaspossible Dischcord's assistant.


He is like a genie made of smoke. he is blue with yellow eyes and a wide mouth.


He is very fond of loud noises and is a cross between a gynne and a din. He has a very loud voice and calls the doctor "master". He drinks the sound potions (icky-looking drinks in amber bottles that make you make noises) he likes to pun on the phrase "no news is good news", saying "no nurse is good nurse", "no niece is good niece" and "no nose is good nose" because he has no family (aside from his grandfather the Terrible Raouw who died in the Silence Epidemic.), no nose and he never had a nurse. However when the Humbug said "No noise is good noise", the Dynne said "THAT'S NOT FUNNY AT ALL!" and went into a sulk.

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